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My wife uses Score-It for all our games. It is the greatest asset in keeping up with statistics that I have ever seen. It saves me at least an hour after each game.
Tommy Emondson, Head softball coach at Arlington High School in Arlington, Texas

On behalf of Abe Key and Pony, I wanted to tell you how really cool (no other word best describes it!) The Score-It software is. I am using the program for the world series. Everyone that saw it in action was very impressed by ease of use and potential for coaches, stat people, scouting, etc.
Allen Schatz, Pony coach, PONY helper, Washington Youth Baseball council member

I am writing once again to pass along my appreciation for your fine product. I have been using the different beta versions all season long, and as the season draws to a close, I reflect on how often and in how many ways Score-It has helped. I've always felt your program was the best. Now that I have several years of stats, I can go back to a favorite game, print the game sheet, and have a much more accurate memory of the details of my favorite games! Thanks again, and I hope the ESPN guys as well as everybody else takes the plunge and learns to enjoy and benefit from your program.
Dave Wise

How's this for impressive service - we downloaded the evaluation copy of Score-It on a Tuesday evening to our PC in Sydney, Australia. Tried & liked it. Sent you an email in Tucson, Arizona to which you responded almost straight away even though it was late at night your end & we got our access code. We finished keying in the scores from the remaining six games of our daughter's tournament, printed out the score sheets for all her team's matches & gave them plus aggregate summaries & batting spray charts to an amazed coach at the Wednesday evening training session. Fantastic!
Chris & Prue Howell

Thanks so much for putting the Little League Options in. Everyone at the Little League Softball World Series has been so impressed with your program, that I have been asked to do a score keeping clinic at our State Conference with the Score-It program.
Donna McKeown, Head Scorekeeper, Little League Softball World Series

Coaches of other teams are really impressed when they see 7 and 8-year-old kids keeping score.
Jeff Newman

I used your software all last season for my daughter's 5-A Texas State Champion, Pasadena Dobie High School, team. I credit your software for providing timely data used to place the team in position to win the state championship for the third time.
Glynn Craft, Houston, Texas

Have I told you lately how fabulous Score-It actually is? I've already been asked to score and help coordinate the press boxes for the two tournaments to be held in Seaford - because the sheets that come from Score-It are great! Last year we faxed the box scores to 8 newspapers all around the MidAtlantic during the Junior League Tournament. This year, the Cards are the only team whose results appear in the local papers all the time - because of Score-It. Keep up the good work.
Roy Lamberton, CApps-Ruark Softball Pitcher and Semi-Official Statistician for the Seaford (Nanaticoke) Little League Big League Blue Team and the Sussex B-League All Stars, Seaford, DE

I've recently downloaded your demo of Score-It and have to say I really like what I've seen. By far the nicest interface and probably the BEST score sheet available. I've done a lot of searching and tried a lot of demos.
B. vonEschen, Canada

Thanks for talking with me by phone this morning. It sounds like you enjoy what you are doing. The enthusiasm in your voice both times we've spoken is clear. You've done a marvelous job of simplifying the score keeping. You've developed the proverbial "better mousetrap."
Matt Livingood

I think that Score-It is the best way to score and to get stats from a baseball game.
Jonas Ljungh, Assistant Coach (and stats fanatic), Carlstad SUNS Baseball, Sweden

WOW! Blaam! Earth-Shattering KABOOM!!! Where did all this stuff come from? Excellent stuff!
Frank Calamatas, Former Senior Level Scoring Instructor, Baseball Quebec,Canada

Please allow me to again praise this wonderful product. It's very easy to understand, helps make gathering and compiling stats easier and faster and a lot of fun to use. Thanks again for creating a product I've been waiting my whole professional life for.
Eric Cline, Assistant Sports Editor, Mount Vernon News, Fredericktown, Ohio

Just had to drop a note and comment on your recent beta versions. GREAT!!!!!!!! I really like your enhancements. I dropped a little note awhile back about catching stats and - BANG - you develop an entire new catching report. What a great job. I love this program! Keep up the fantastic work and I applaud your beta versions and their functionality and reliability. Considering I'm an extreme left brain type, I can never have enough detail, but Score-It really satisfies my brain.
Mike Myers

I used your scoring software to track the stats at the Connecticut State American Legion tournament. More than a few guys saw me using it and commented how much easier it looked than the current software package the "National" American Legion tournament uses. One guy commented on how nice it would have been if we could have had two lap tops running the software at two sites and then merging the data. Your software would have handled that nicely.
Ed Slegeski, General Manager, Manchester Legion Baseball, Manchester, Connecticut

Well, The Alpharetta RedHots completed another successful season. We won the USSSA State Championship and tied for seventh at USSSA World in Chester, VA. Your program helped immensely. I love your program. It keeps me out of trouble; well, except when I question the Ump's call.
Mike Smith

Score-It has saved me countless hours of time with its automatic statistics generation. And, for defensive positioning, I've really come to rely on the spray charts that it produces--they're indispensable! Score-It is a must have product for anyone who coaches baseball.
Bowen Caldwell, Little League Coach, Charlotte, NC

I was talking to a fellow scorer and he marveled over the score sheets that I get from Score-It. I have been using Score-It before 2.0 and it is getting better all of the time. The JV coaches have threatened to keep my son down just for the stats.
Ed Allen, Very Satisfied User, Herndon, VA

I have enjoyed Score-It tremendously.
Keith Stagg, AYA Baseball Commissioner, United Kingdom

This is a lot better than writing in a book. All the coaches involved in the games I scored this week were very impressed and several have asked if I could come score all their games.
Ken Saylor, Secretary of local Babe Ruth League, Iowa City, IA

Thanks for writing such a neat program. Overall the program is excellent and has created quite a bit of interest.
Alan Gayle, Little League Coach, Coral Springs, FL

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