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  Individual Player Stat Pages: ScoreSum now allows users to print individual pages with a player's stats - suitable for framing. This is a must for end of season banquets! See example of Ruth's performance in the 1928 World Series.

Example Screen Image: Take a look at a typical screen you would see when running Score-It. Screens are point and click, with choices provided. It is very user friendly!

Example Box Score: Score-It generates box scores automatically.

  • After a game is scored, these stats are immediately available. You can fax your results directly to your local newspaper without delay!

Example Game AtPlates: During the game, Score-It will allow you to see how a paticular batter is doing during this game. For example, the coach asks how the batter did his last times At Plate. You can quickly pop up a screen showing the player's At Plate appearances by clicking the right hand mouse button while the mouse is over the player's name. This allows you to set up game defenses!

ScoreIt Stat: ScoreIt Stat generates stats for a selected set of games, game types, and teams. You can customize your reports by selecting some of the following stats for your batters, pitchers and catchers. These include:

  • Batting: Batting Avg, At Bats, Hit by Pitch, Runs, Hits (right or left handed), Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, Walks, Walk% Strike Outs, Strike Out%, Strike Outs Looking, Strike Outs Swinging, RBIs, Sacrifices, Sacrifice Bunts, Sacrifice Flies, At Plates, Stolen Bases, Caught Stealing, Stolen Base%, On Base, On Base%, Slugging Average
  • Fielding: Assists, Put Outs, Balls Fielded, Errors (fielded or throwing), Fielding%
  • Pitching: Wins, Losses, Saves, Batters Faced, Innings Pitched, Earned Runs, ERA, Hits Given Up, Hits%, Runs Given Up, Strike Outs, Strike Outs Looking, Strike Outs Swinging, Strike Out%, Walks, Walk%, Balks, Hit Batters, Total Pitches, Total Strikes, Strike Pitch%,Total Balls, Ball Pitch %, First Pitched Balls, Put Outs, Balls Fielded, Errors (fielded or throwing), Fielding%t Pitched Strikes, Wild Pitches
  • Catching: Batters Faced, Caught Stealing, Innings Caught, Passed Balls, Pitches Caught, Stolen Bases

Spray Charts: ScoreIt Stat also allows you to produce "Spray Charts". These show you where particular players hit the balls against different pitchers. The user selects the game(s), team(s) and pitcher(s) he wants charts for. You have the option to show lines where the balls in play went (solid lines for hits and broken lines for outs) or X's and O's for hits and outs. Nothing like a well prepared defense!

Summary Player AtPlates: ScoreIt Stat lets you print out the little score boxes for a particular player. The user selects the game(s), team(s) and game types (exhibition, league, tournament, etc.) he wants charts for. Players like to look at their At Plates to see how they've done for a collection of games!

Score-It Produces HTML: Score-It lets you output a game's box scores for the internet. This allows your fans to see the results of your games. Check out the hot link to see the raw HTML produced by Score-It for game four of the 1928 World Series.


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