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Score-It is a Windows based software package that allows you to score the game on a computer right at the field and prints out score sheets just like the ones you'd normally do by hand in a paper score book.

You can either score at the field with a lap top or transfer the information directly from your book onto your home personal computer.

Major Release

ScoreIt Stat now supports printing a player's stats on an individual page ... suitable for framing! Check Score-It Features
  • Score sheets can be printed on a graphics printer supported by Windows.
  • The score sheets are done in a consistent manner - readable by everyone, not just the scorer.
  • Box scores and stats are generated automatically for the game.
  • System requirements are: Pentium, Windows Operating System (98, NT, 2000 Professional or XP) and 10 MB of hard drive space.
Score-It is software produced and marketed by The Tucson Advantage Co.

Example Score Sheet: Score sheets look just like the ones you make at the game with a score book. The big difference is their great look. They are easy for many people (fans, coaches, players, etc.) to review and understand the game. They are consistent, so it doesn't matter who scored the game!

Score-It Features: Score-It has many features which make it easy to use. It is user friendly for inexperienced scorers and intuitive for experienced scorers. It supports many different game rules (e.g. number of batters, line-up changes, etc.), gives various game reports (including HTML and text outputs), produces spray charts (which show where given players tend to hit the ball), and many other things about a baseball/softball game.

Getting Score-It Software: Score-It is shareware. Download a fully functioning version along with an easy to print user's manual. It costs only $55 when you download it directly from the Internet or $70 if you need a separate disk and manual.

What Other People Say: Score-It is used by thousands of people around the world. It was used for the 1996-2004 Little League World Series. Each game was scored using Score-It and the game box scores have been placed on the Internet using HTML produced by Score-It. You can see these at:

Please Give Feedback: Score-It improves and grows with your help! It is a result of hundreds of people making suggestions on how they think Score-It should work. Let us know what feature you would like to see added and tell us what you think of Score-It!

About The Tucson Advantage Co.: Read more about the company which develops Score-It.


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